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Introduction to Polynucleotides with Ameela

Understand more about Ameela Polynucleotides, what they are, how they work and why they are becoming a must have in aesthetic physician's toolkit of treatments. 

'The hottest treatment of 2024'

Ameela® is the new line of natural polynucleotide- based bio-stimulating gel created from Salmon DNA fragments. It contains a high viscosity for protecting and rejuvenating the skin. 


Ameela Polynucleotides are the essential building blocks of DNA and RNA and play a pivotal role in skin health. It is their molecular structure that holds the key to their efficacy for skin rejuvenation; their long, chain-like structures interact with dermal cells at all levels of the skin, which provides for longer lasting and more noticeable improvements.


The unique molecular framework promotes collagen and elastin production for transformative, natural-looking results. As these proteins decline with age, the skin loses its suppleness, leading to the formation of wrinkles and sagging; polynucleotides are effective at slowing this effect.



What are Polynucleotides?

The basic unit of a nucleotide is formed by a 5-carbon ring ribose  (deoxyribose)  and  aldose,  and  a  nitrogen  base attached  to  the  C1  position  on  aldose.   (An  aldose  is monosaccharide – a simple sugar).

The  nucleotides  are  formed  by  ester  compounds  with inorganic phosphate to C5 on aldose (the 5th carbon in the ring) Nucleotides are the monomeric units of nucleic acids.Different nucleotides react with carbohydrates, phosphate and nitrogen to give the nucleic acids, which is the large molecules called biopolymers.

The most common nucleotides are DNA and RNA.


The cellular response 

When applied to the skin, Ameela polynucleotides act as biological messengers, signalling to cells to increase their metabolic activity. This heightened cellular activity contributes to the regeneration of skin tissues, promoting a more youthful and vibrant complexion. Ameela Polynucleotides combat inflammation by modulating the immune response at the cellular level. This not only addresses existing inflammation but also prevents its recurrence, fostering an environment conducive to optimal skin health.

Dr Marwa Ali

The Wellness Clinic

'People are looking for the natural look, Ameela will give you access to your best possible skin…no plumping, no freezing, just an increase of your own elastin and collagen… it’s a more holistic approach.'

How do Polynucleotides work?

Ameela Polynucleotide work to prolong the activity of hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the skin, and reduce its degradation by around 40%.


Injections of polynucleotides may be used in combination with hyaluronic acid-based fillers to create complimentary results based on different treatment and patient indications.  Like many aesthetic medicine treatments available today, polynucleotides have a long track record in other medicinal fields long before their introduction to aesthetics.


Studies and publications have supported physician testimonials as evidence for polynucleotides regenerative results and staying power.


One of the most obvious benefits of an aesthetic treatment with polynucleotides is the likelihood of tangible results in areas which have historically been difficult to treat, or would require multiple products to achieve the desired result. 


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